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Christmas is a great time to share our love and generosity with family, friends and those we value.  It also causes us to reflect on the great love that God shared with all of us that first Christmas night when he came to dwell among us.

Each Christmas season, Optimum Safety Management sets out to give back to the community in the Greater Chicagoland Area. Instead of sending gifts to our clients, we set aside that money to help bring joy to families through local gift marts. We close our offices and our employees spend a day shopping for all kinds of toys. This year, we partnered with Compass Church in Naperville to donate these toys to a program through a local elementary school. With our donations and the generosity of many others, families were able to purchase these highly-desired toys at greatly reduced prices. Without a doubt, a great surprise is in store for these children on Christmas morning.

We share all of this with you not to boast about something we do.  Rather to say thanks to you as a valued client of Optimum Safety Management.  It is your support and business that allows us to do something like this.  Thank you very much for your partnership in this great endeavor to share the love and generosity of Christmas with those in need.

Please enjoy this short message of thanks from our President, Steve Yates.

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