The Optimum Safety Management team is experienced in many industries, including those listed below, and many others. Beyond industry experience, over many years our team has developed innovative solutions for some of the most demanding environments, including both union and non-union, or blended scenarios. Of course Optimum services clients locally in the Chicago area, but also serves clients that have regional and even national operations, along with varying languages, and work shifts.

This breadth of experience affords the Optimum Safety Management team the ability to draw from strategies outside of the industry being served. Although each situation is new and has complexities of its own, core competencies are always the same.  Utilizing staff with well developed professional abilities, Optimum partners with your internal staff to achieve excellent results.  Where necessary, Optimum’s network of industry subject matter experts is available to provide additional support.

Construction Safety Management


Whether you’re the owner, project manager or contractor, bringing a project to a successful and profitable completion requires the utmost diligence.

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Safety programs and services for manufacturing environments are core capabilities for Optimum, where we partner the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI), the Valley Industrial Association (VIA), and many others, including our popular Optimum Safety Helpline.

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Industrial Safety Management


Industrial plants involving various types of chemical processing, equipment and conditions have the ability to create a multitude of maintenance hazards and potentially catastrophic accidents.

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Whether the insured is involved in construction, industry, transportation or an OCIP/CCIP project, effective risk assessment is essential.

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Whether examining the patient care environment or “back of house” support staff, the healthcare industry faces many challenges with the safety of its workforce.

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