Safety Management Industrial

Zero injuries is an admirable goal and a destination worthy of the journey

Industrial plants involving various types of chemical processing, equipment and conditions have the ability to create a multitude of maintenance hazards and potentially catastrophic accidents. Projects requiring movement of equipment and changes to the processing flow add further dynamic complexities. Keeping the plant and projects operating efficiently while identifying and eliminating workplace hazards takes diligent planning and constant care. Complete commitment to safety emphasizing prevention and ongoing safety programs is required in the workplace from both plant management and personnel.

Optimum Safety Management works with plant personnel to assess the safety of the workplace, design efficiency improvements, recommend accident reduction strategies, and provide alternative methods to produce the work effort safely. Based upon a thorough understanding of 24X7 production schedules, project plans are created facilitating efficient plant operations. Through on-site training, improved work practice recommendations and planning, Optimum works with your team to create greater accountability among the employees and managers for a more profitable and safe workplace.

Optimum staff has a proven track record of success at helping plant managers and engineers significantly reduce risk in a variety of industrial exposures.

“Optimum has assisted Sustainable Souring LLC throughout the construction and startup of a processing facility in Indiana. Their team assisted us during the construction phase which was undertaken inside a world class environment requiring highly competent oversight, training and consultation with a number of contractors. The site had union and non‐union workforce of contractors working together. Optimum undertook the project of insuring all aspects of the contractors work as performed in a safe and professional way. This was accomplished to the satisfaction of the Fortune 200, world class partner at their site.

Optimum has continued to assist Sustainable Sourcing in the selection and training of an entirely new workforce. The firm continues to work with us to continually improve our safety procedures and maintain a safety program in this high volume processing facility. We are extremely pleased with the results and the coordination and cooperation of our world class partner.” – David G Ciarlette, Sustainable Sourcing LLC