Coming alongside the parties involved to insure a beneficial relationship

Whether the insured is involved in construction, industry, transportation or an OCIP/CCIP project, effective risk assessment is essential. Surprises after the underwriting process can affect the relationships with the insured, the producer and the underwriter, jeopardizing future business potential.

Providing upfront intelligence, Optimum Safety Management assists underwriters in making informed decisions. Through the utilization of recognized risk assessment as well as proprietary evaluation tools, Optimum Safety Management is effective at determining the authenticity of the insured’s commitment to the safety of its workforce. Once determined, Optimum Safety Management can partner with the insurer to provide whatever measures necessary to maintain or rehabilitate the risk.

Optimum Safety Management staff has over 15 years experience assisting insurance companies, producers, and their clients. With a track record of success in claims reduction, lowered premiums and experience modification rates, increased profitability is enjoyed by both the client and their insurer.

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the work you have been doing on behalf of my clients. Your efforts have contributed to a safer work place. Another aspect to safety is it allows me, as a broker, to obtain better renewal terms for my clients. In one recent case I was able to save my client approximately $125,000 in reduced workman’s compensation and general liability premiums. Again, thank you for your help. I look forward to working with you to increase safety awareness and lower our clients’ insurance burden in the future” – Rob Kegley, Columbian Agency