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OSHA’s Lockout Tagout Standard Full Webinar

OSHA is aware of the dangers in our industry and is vigorously investigating amputations and facilities with amputation hazards. When they do, they often find violations in many aspects of the lockout program. Learn the elements of a thorough and effective lockout/tagout program to mitigate the risks to your people and capital.

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OSHA’S Multi-Employer Worksite Doctrine Update

Multi-employer worksites have long complicated labor and employment law compliance. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) takes an aggressive approach to multi-employer worksites and finding alleged “joint-employers” liable for labor law violations. Because of new regulations, employers on multi-employer worksites face increased fines, costly abatement responsibilities, and potential criminal liability.

This document provides an explanation of OSHA’s enforcement initiatives, potential criminal prosecution and recommendations for your company.

The Dangers of Heat Stress – How Fans Improve Safety

Summer is here, which means businesses of all kinds will be turning to fans to keep workers cool and happy, because happy workers are productive workers. In fact, according to the Center for the Built Environment, temperature, air quality and noise are the three most important factors when considering productivity. However, lost productivity is not the only problem caused by heat – as the temperature increases, so does the likelihood of heat-related illness.

This white paper details the effects of heat stress in the workplace and strategies for combating this prevalent issue.