Safety Management Systems

That Achieve Results

Formalize the Safety Process.

Safety Management Systems formalize the safety process beyond regulatory compliance to manage significant risks in the working environment.  Hear from CEO, Steve Yates, on our passion behind building systems that achieve results.

Management Commitment

Whether motivated by a need to reduce workers compensation rates, a recent injury or a moral obligation, management must place an importance on safety. Strong commitment by the executive team sets the direction and vision for safety cascading through the organization. 

Program Development

Performing regular job hazard analyses and developing controls to reduce hazards can greatly mitigate risk. All controls are developed into a safety and health program to provide clear procedures for employees. When a safety program is well developed, employees are aware of expectations and can complete tasks safely and effectively.


Simply put, we can’t expect people to do things we’re not willing to tell them about. At OSM, we view training in three distinct categories: Initial, Specific, and Ongoing.

By focusing in all three categories, we can be confident in workers’ knowledge of safe work practices. Always remember: training is not a one-time event, but a continual reminder of a commitment to safety. 

Safety Surveys

Good management systems require a feedback look which reports whether the objectives of the system are being achieved. Inspect what is expected to verify the efforts made are being carried through. Regular site inspections provide an opportunity correct unsafe behaviors and continually improve the safety management system.

Continuous Improvement

Vital to any functioning safety program is the constant and never-ending improvements that must be made. For sustainability of the process and increased employee engagement, leadership must implement a systems-focused approach for continuous improvement

Full Webinar:

Effective Safety Management Systems that Drive Results

The implementation of your systematic approach to safety has been an “eye-opener” to both our management and field employees. Providing our employees the tools and education they need to perform their respective jobs safely has given me a real sense of pride in our organization. Optimum Client

Other Stages

Compliance Programs

Investing in workers is near impossible if you’re not within OSHA compliance. We begin OSHA Abatement with tasks such as: hazard analysis, building training programs and additional assessments

Team Approach

Starting with the highest levels of an organization, Safety Leadership Teams are developed to create vision, strategy and governance at all levels. With a safety leadership team and structured support, supervisors understand their role as a safety leader.

Engagement & Beyond

Cultural change occurs through a continous improvement approach, taking organizations beyond zero injuries and behavior based safety with our proven engagement-based approach. Our Process builds employee engagement for cultural change.

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